Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back after the hiatus!

An analysis of my writing trends throws up some weird facts. I write when I am at the extremities of my moods – anger, depression, hurt, betrayal. Or then I write when I am terribly bored, and interestingly all my boring day writing has been during all my inductions!

Every time I write and discover the joys of it, I keep telling myself that I will stay in touch with myself, the world around me, my opinion of events - by writing regularly… Not so much to send out a message to the world. I don’t think anybody has the time or the interest to read some inconsequential account of thoughts. It is just for closure - I think a lot - and being able to crystallize my thoughts is like achieving closure for all the randomness that goes through my brains. And yeah, just in case people have the time to read and comment, to engage in a debate. Or maybe just to gloat in blissful happiness with a good comment!

Well, I am hoping that with my association with a company in the print media space, the energy and creativity of all the brains around me will compel me to keep going!


  1. Good luck to you. It's good to have you back. Cheers

  2. welcome back child! happy blogging! :-)

  3. very nice..i like :) now u can gloat in blissful happiness :P

  4. Welcome back!!!
    Wonderful second para...
    Succinctly defines the reason on why people blog. Just one suggestion..Get another post out soon..One blog a year is not the way to go :)
    And my sincere wish that you don't have to blog because of reason 1 but get more chances at reason 2!!!

  5. Thanks all.. post two in the making!

  6. Lazy bum :P

    Stop making sill xcuses that being in some media company...creativity and all will inspire you..

    just write. but good to see you back. will keep checking this post for frequent updates.

    p.s - this was written while my life was at risk and i was held at gunpoint by the author

  7. Does above comment have you gloating in blissful happiness? :D

  8. @ shrik : Yes Yes (Rajini style)

  9. Gloat away then :)

    Besides closure, it also helps to drastically reduce anger. For every 10 emails i send out, there is at least 1 which i write, but once done writing, no longer feel it necessary to send it. Just writing it down seems to be validation enough, the need to get it ratified/reverted to doesn't quite exist with the same intensity.
    I would be out of my job if i sent through all the emails i have drafted to send to my bosses. :)