Monday, 28 April 2014

T is for To do lists!

T for Thailand is what I wanted to write,
As I reminisced the days of yore,
A set of papers caught my sight,
It was my to do list, with tasks galore.

Grocery to buy, bills to pay and shelves to clear,
Proposals to make and deadlines to meet,
Calls long overdue to near and dear,
As is a massage for my aching feet.

I haven’t watched a movie in ages,
On the A-Z challenge, I lag behind,
My to do list is just short of two pages.
It seems like the list has its own mind!

I cross of an entry for very task I complete,
But it gets magically replaced by another one,
Like an endless pit with tasks replete,

I realize this to do list will never get completely done!


  1. They say we waste more time procrastinating than if we just did the things we were procrastinating over. I think it's because of the mental energy we expend each day thinking about all the things on our to-do lists! I've started reading so many new blogs, I can't wait to see what everyone writes about once this challenge is over.

  2. Haha - this is the fate of every to-do list! Your post reminded of this article:

  3. Love it...and I'm a list maker so I totally get it...I just don't like when my list gets longer and longer!

  4. Always happens to me! My to do lists never end; they actually seem to multiply.