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From the Latin "impero," meaning "to give orders, rule, hold sway," or "imperium," meaning "power to command, rule, control." The Imperius Curse. This is used to control the actions of another person, leaving that person at the mercy of the spell caster. The experience of being under the curse is described as a fantastic sense of release, until the victim starts to fight back. The curse can be fought and its hold broken, but many witches and wizards are unable to do so. Because of its very dangerous implications, the Imperius Curse is one of the three Unforgivable Curses. Use of this curse against another human being is punishable by a life sentence in Azkaban.

I was lazily turning the pages of a daily newspaper, my mind plotting my own last Potter story. I was rudely shaken when I read an outrageous piece on a daily newspaper. It read “Protestors want helmet rule scrapped”. How ridiculous! The first image that came to my mind was my Class VI science teacher screaming her lungs out… “Thisss isss verrrry rrrriddddiccculllloussss!!!” (DAV Girls school junta…. Should’ve guessed by now! ;) )

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I logged on to only to find that the membership fee would cost me my internship stipend!! People with membership, look here to check out the accident stats – state wise, cause wise… the list is exhaustive.

The World report on road traffic injury prevention from WHO in 2004 documents facts clearly enough though. Look up the chapter on risk factors… To Quote,

“ Risk factors influencing crash severity:
Human tolerance factors
Inappropriate or excessive speed
Seat-belts and child restraints not used
Crash helmets not worn by users of two-wheeled vehicles
Roadside objects not crash protective
Insufficient vehicle crash protection for occupants and for those hit by vehicles
Presence of alcohol and other drugs”

“The non-use of seat-belts and child restraints more than doubles the risk of serious and fatal injury, as does the non-use of bicycle helmets. Similarly, the non-use of crash helmets by motorized two-wheeler users almost doubles their risk of serious or fatal head injury.”

That was way back in 2004 when the number of vehicles flooding the roads was definitely a smaller tsunami than it is now.

I always thought Stats was rubbish. I still declare that openly, despite being a manager in the making. Statistics can be so misleading at times. You never know base figures, constraints, assumptions, social / environmental variables etc… Throw these stats away. For the love of life, out of all common sense, isn’t it better to wear a helmet rather than have your skull split open and brain run over by some inebriated moron? Doesn’t common sense tell any nephrologist that prevention is better than cure? I thought that was the anthem of doctors world wide. Or am I so influenced by my education that it appears to be a potential, untapped channel of business for the health care industry? (How much case studies can skew your thinking!!! )

And to think of a “protest” for an issue like this…. Beats me! Are we under the Imperius Curse or what?

Wearing a helmet might prevent us from feeling the wind in our hair…no zipping past happening roads… no turning heads… no “macho” feeling… but friend, at the end of the day we’d rather live than gloat in fleeting pleasures.

I know helmets do not guarantee life. A gentle reminder: Accio Helmet does not work. So just wear the helmet - we might have just found ourselves a counter curse to Avada Kedavra.

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