Sunday, 27 April 2014

S is for Summer

It's Sunday and it's Scorching hot! So I decided to write about my childhood memories of Summers. I'm keeping it short and crisp with an A-Z on Summers.

Air conditioners. Beaches, basketball. Curd rice. Drawing & Painting. Electricity cuts. paper Fans. Glares. Holidays. Ice cream. Juices. Kathiri Veyil (look up the section under climate). Lime mint coolers. Mangoes. New books at school. Oil massages. Pickles. Queues at the movies. Reading. Swimming. Tans. Umbrellas. Veranda. Watermelons. eXams before vacations. Yoga. Zzzz.

What are your memories of summers?


  1. That's a pretty good list! Lemonade, swimming pools, sand... The smell of chlorine always reminds me of summers during my youth.

  2. Love it Aarthi! Summer - yes, Sherbat, Umbrella nizhal, Mango showers, Marina, Elanir, Rasna! With love, Bugi who still guzzles all those drinks ;-)

    1. Ooh yeah Bugi. Notice how most of what we remember is about food? :P

    2. he he he... we're true to our fuel no?! ;-)


  3. Nice, nice.. pertty much everything there! Mangoes.... yummmm ... ouch factor for me here :-(